#AYoungMansWrinkles FAQ

1. Can you tell us the inspiration behind LOAYMW?

REZ: The insecurities that come with being a young Nigerian. The fears juxtaposed with the reality that manifests every day. Observing your environment and feeling helpless. Feeling powerless – hence the vent, using poetry as the medium. Which is empowering.

2. In LOAYMW, you told it as it is – concerning politics, the struggle of most young Nigerians, the fraudulent ways of other young Nigerians, do you expect backlash of any kind after this release?

REZ: I don’t. It is a clear depiction of our everyday reality. But the truth is bitter, so I have one eye on the actual lazy and dishonest youths who will give excuse for everything and not take responsibility for their own role for their current predicament. Also, with the hailers & wailers division in the sociopolitical space, you never know.


3. The female artiste with the background vocals helped with the somber mood of the poem. Who is she, and how do you pick your supporting artistes?

REZ: I’m very open to working with unique artistes especially those who choose other artforms as medium of expression. I feel when art meets art the message and the creativity is amplified. I seek uniqueness and natural talent in my collaborations.

The artiste is called Freeborn. I call her my naija Jill Scott. Amazing vocal dexterity and talent. I intend to work with her again. I feel she hasn’t been chanced to show what she can do with her vocals yet, because of the nature of the material itself. it didn’t require much singing.

4. In one sentence, what word do you have for young men and women out there, fighting to smoothen out the wrinkles in their daily lives?

REZ: Be clear and smart with your goals, put in work for most of what is needed and ask for help or guidance on the remaining. Then remember to pass it forward, help others.

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5. Finally on a lighter note, did your girl ever leave you for a Yahoo boy?

REZ: No. My experience wasn’t the Yahoo scenario. Though, I was left for a more economically stable working class guy in my struggling years. That did hurt. Guess I couldn’t provide the needed ‘Assurance’ 😊 .


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