Based on Logistics: outSPOKEN II Was As Beautiful As Promised

We gave our word and you experienced the truest art performance. outSPOKEN II was nothing short of a fantastic show of quality spoken words, great music and free drinks by yours truly – REZThaPoet and Pietrina.

With REZThaPoet, you can expect only “Extraordinary”. His performances are mostly accompanied with great music, that leaves listeners brimming with smiles as you’ll soon see. At outSPOKEN II, he performed alongside his drummer, Shogo, who belted out good tunes from his talking drum. We captured the major highlights, keep scrolling!

outSPOKEN is an initiative of the Revolving Art Incubator (RAI), dedicated to Poets, Spoken Word artists and lyricists. Borne out of the idea to have spoken word artists reflect on the ongoing state of affairs and all other topical issue as a poetic diary of contemporary times in Nigeria.

Did you miss the maiden edition? Catch up here, and thank me later. The next outSPOKEN event comes up in a couple of days, we really can’t wait to give you more.