How to be a Good Nigerian

It’s Democracy Day and I can say confidently that there are two main groups Nigerians can be classified into: those who understand that making Nigeria better is a collective effort. And those who keep complaining about how our leaders are the worst things that ever happened to us, how Nigeria can never get better, and so forth.

I believe the first group are on the right track; while I have the following advice for the second group.

1. Stop stealing government money

Mr/Mrs. Complainer. Are you not stealing government funds directly or indirectly? Don’t you ask for bribe to perform the job you were originally employed for? Fact is if every one that has access to Government funds decide to be honest in their dealings, then we won’t have to spend billions to fight corruption. And we won’t need to elect a President because he postures to be an anticorruption warrior.

2. Obey the laws. You are not God:

2. Obey the laws: Laws are made by people and for people. So as long as you remain a citizen of this country you are subject to all the laws and regulations that govern Nigeria. If you do not want to obey the laws, you may as well leave the country (or become a god).

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3. Stop finding shortcuts to success. Work hard. No yahoo yahoo, money ritual or corruption.

‘Eni to mo way l’o mo we’. Mr. Sharp guy, I see you. Because you want to drive the flashiest cars, date the finest babes, travel all over the world, you feel the next thing is to become a Yahoo Yahoo guy, do money rituals, or steal. You may never be caught but you are a part of those keeping Nigeria on the list of the most corrupt countries in the world. Why not try honest, hard work instead?

4. Get Your PVC, your vote is your Economy. Even if you are going to sell your vote, at least take 864k/4yrs.

This is for all the ‘armchair, and social media’ politicians. If elections were held by the number of posts, threads on social media, then all your online activism will mean something. Unfortunately, elections do not run that way. You need to be concerned enough to go get your PVC, vote, monitor what your elected officials are doing with allocated funds, and most importantly don’t sell your votes for stomach infrastructure.

There you have it. 4 practical ways you can be a good Nigerian. Let’s stop the complaining and start acting instead.