REZthaPoet is all about the “Lines” that make the face of “Young Men Wrinkle”

This is to formally announce the release of my new spoken word poetry recording, titled ‘Lines of a Young Man’s Wrinkle’.  This post-Exposit album poetry recording has been performed live to a selected class of creatives and critics before its release today, 9th of May 2018. The journey to make ‘Lines of a Young Man’s Wrinkle’ a spectacular one led me to record with a South African soul artiste, and later with some beautiful Nigerian singers. I later chose to feature Freeborn, who infused her awesomeness to make the spoken word recording a must listen to.

What’s ‘Lines of a Young Man’s Wrinkle’ all about?

‘Lines of a Young Man Wrinkle’ subjects the 21st century African person under a cosmopolitan microscope where there is a battle between conscience, culture and survival. With the fluid borders of global exchanges predicated by the internet, identity has the capacity to shape itself into acts of fraudulence in pursuit of wealth. The new values which silences the legit and hard working young man amongst his peers, and acknowledges the masked internet superstar raking in money through

internet scams is the core of the ‘Lines of a Young Man’s Wrinkle’. The yahoo boy is the new hero of the landscape, shaping the picture of social expectations.

Can you picture yourself in this piece already?

You’ll agree with me that young men, now more than ever, are expected to live to the expectations of paying remittances to their families. There’s this pressure on men to assert their masculinity and be the “mighty provider” for their families.  In order to satisfy this demand they are faced with either taking the fast, criminal route; or the steady, often harrowing but legitimate route. The society also puts a premium on those that are able to “hammer” quickly, irrespective of how the funds are sourced. This is the crux behind my new poetry recording, ‘Lines of a Young Man’s Wrinkle’. As a young Nigerian myself, it was easy for me to give vivid imagery to the conundrum of living as a young man in present day Nigeria.

What to do next?

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