Lines of a Young Man’s Wrinkles Lyrics

These are the lines of a young man’s wrinkle


They say time is money

It’s why I’m seeking Benjamin’s watch

Running businesses on old testament thoughts

My temperament’s lost, in harsh realities

I’m now old but it seems causalities,

are sticking on the news

I paid my dues

Mourning tears for lost jewels

trying to resist Yahoo…


Ski-mask wearing youths

fighting for the loots

in the Niger-delta

a kidnapped baby is crying, ’cause she can’t find a helper


mothers dey run

as many sons have turned targets of occultic guns

I’ve got my eyes on the crown, of success like Rolex

reading the Qur’an

I sit in the balcony and watch the sunset.

An economic analysis is done

with the eyes of the eagle

and in the face of dirty politics, armed robberies and poverty…

I decipher, the lines of a young man’s wrinkle.

These are the lines of a youngman’s wrinkle

These are the lines of a youngman’s wrinkle

These are the lines of a youngman’s wrinkle


So I looked up in my horizon,

where light once shone

remembering blood relations and families gone

‘Goods’ and ‘Evils’, done

Prophesies haven’t come…

to pass so I blast like guns.

My visions, are like bullets

into the future where a world is born.

Family bonds, ones broken and sealed

Saw a youth try to go legal, but it’s hard breaking off the hold of these dirty deals

Trying to keep it real, but still…

It’s hard being a man

and my girl left me,

for a Yahoo boy, cruising a C-Class Benz

“So, Pepper gats rest…

but until then, I no go relent”

for pain paints words

the only ones lending ears to our cries are the walls

but the walls are junkies filled with cracks

Agberos attack

and they snatch your bag;

See these politicians,

stashing our monies like rice in stacks

yes, rise in stocks…

Only the rich know it

The lines of a young man’s wrinkle


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