Noble Igwe : Snitch or No Snitch?

Dear Youth,


Noble Igwe isn’t your problem, but your conscience. The same one you buried when you chose to be a fraudster, hiding under the veil that Nigeria is a bad nation. Yes, the nation is bad, but we won’t change things by treading a worse path.


We are paying the price for our fathers selfish decisions. Decisions you claim have led you to your chosen path of illegality. Have you ever thought of the effect of your choices on the next generation? If the elites destroyed Nigeria yesterday and made it what it is today, then you are not really different from them with your choice(s).

Image : Noble’s Tweet via IB9JA


Now here is the sad part. Many good ones among us are already paying the price for your selfish and greedy acts. That poor creative guy that was denied a visa abroad to go pursue education, earn a good life or take up an opportunity is on your neck. The support for SMEs that never comes easily is on you. That guy just wanting a better life legally, but won’t get a chance because of the reputation attached to Nigerians is on you. Finally, those investors that shy away from bringing their money to the country, is also on your conscience.


You lack vision! You are impatient! (with your desire for success). You are selfish! You are greedy! These are the motivating factors behind your decision to be a fraudster. Same goes for those defending the people being called out. Whether you are Onyemyke or a random Twitter user, let’s call a spade a spade. Fraud is a bad thing regardless of who says it isn’t.


Leave the man, ‘Noble’, alone.  His MESSAGE is what counts the most here: “Fraud is a bad thing”. Seems you have watched too many movies and now feel qualified to use the word ‘snitch’.


In as much as the government owes us a lot, let me motivate you with this quote “only a foolish person will live his/her life expecting others/life to do for them what they can do for themselves”. I bet your MCM motivational speaker posting videos on social media to entertain your idleness doesn’t know what that means. That’s why he came out calling Noble a snitch.


Let me chip in this line from a spoken word material I wrote in 2008, but finally made available to the public this year titled ‘Lines Of A Young Man’s Wrinkle‘:


“Look through the lines of your wrinkles and make the best decision that will survive you and generations after you”.


Don’t forget, life won’t end after you. Don’t be a curse for the next generation. Yes, the government is not doing anything to help, we can only ask or fight them till they give us the resources to define our destiny.Listen Here


Noble is not a snitch
Snitches work in the background and not in the public!