Omission by Transmission

Regarding this TRANSMISSION trend I’m seeing everywhere, let me share my opinion on how we got here.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that has seen where people make quotes like this on Nigerian social platforms:

“The Smarter You Get, The Lesser You Speak”?

That is how we got here. Yes I’ve seen the “acclaimed” doctored video and the one nursed to defend the IGP by his apologist or let me say hailers of the APC government because it’s very easy to politicize situations here.
Whether or not the ‘transmission, transmission’, ‘apprehensive effect’, sorry ‘transmission transmission’ is doctored to troll the IGP or not, the other video which I can tell you is from a different scenario and never disputed the transmitted error of the IGP, is far from being articulate. Who noticed how many times the IGP repeated ‘tackle’ within 2minutes on the other video that was released for damage control?

Having such person as an IGP is the product of smarter people deciding to be less speakers in our society, this is why we have inadequate or less than average handlers in authority being in charge of the narrative in our society today.
Same as this Yahoo Yahoo menace that’s been getting lots of attention in the media recently, we got here because we refused to speak out. And we also choose to shut down those who speak out. As an artist I have a responsibility to lend my voice to social issues through my art. And I have a spoken word piece, ‘Lines of a Young Man’s Wrinkle’ that encapsulates my thoughts on some ongoing national issues.

Look around you: social media, politics, religion, sports and entertainment. Until the intelligent people stand up to the call and fight for positions of authority, maybe then we can start taking back our country from the hands of mediocrity.

I plead with you smart one, don’t speak lesser. It’s a trap to let the dumb people lead us, which we can agree hasn’t worked for us so far.