outSPOKEN X: Talk About Sex and Teenagers

Rezthapoet outspoken x

At outSPOKEN X last Thursday, we talked about consent in sexual relations as an appropriate topic for teenagers. Trust this kind of gist to generate much buzz and excitement as you’ll soon see in the snapshots…

Is consent in sexual relations an appropriate topic for teenagers? Would definitely love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.

outSPOKEN is a fortnightly Spokenword/Poetry event and an initiative of the Revolving Art Incubator (RAI), dedicated to Poets, Spokenword Artists and Lyricists. Borne out of the idea to have spoken word artists reflect on the ongoing state of affairs and all other topical issue as a poetic diary of contemporary times in Nigeria.

Join me and Pietrina on the 10th of August for another riveting #outSPOKEN Time!