What You May Have Missed in August (PHOTOS)

August came to a very sweet climax. One you’ll soon see from the pictures below. I can tell you for sure that the poetic rush was worth it and just in case you missed the chance to experience them, take a scroll down and explore all the beautiful moments we captured;

This edition of outSPOKEN discussed the implications of President Buhari’s 100 Days in London. How has this impacted Nigeria legally, socially, politically and economically. By constitutional standards, is it even right? Are we asking the right questions as individuals, organizations and as a nation?

Roots and Rhythm Concert
If you were here at this show, you’d attest that there was nothing like it. Everything promised from riveting chants, spoken word, poetry/drama/dance and musical performances were beautifully rendered and on point! Star artistes like Sound Sultan, Lord of Ajasa, Seriki, ID Cabasa, Olo Omidan Bata and Wale Aboderin stunned the audiences in spectacular performances.